Online Marketing and SEO Strategy

Online marketing has become one of the most imperative tools for today’s thriving and successful businesses. It is important to understand SEO and learn to be a freelance SEO expert, and discover how search engines work. Search engines such as Google, have a protocol when it comes to whether or not your site is easily noticeable. It ranks your site based on a couple of things, including the following:

1. Keywords/Meta tags
2. Back links to site

Keywords are very important when creating a website for search engine compatibility. These are the words that describe specifically what your service or site is offering or is generally about. When choosing keywords, you want to be specific, and also realistic as to what people are actually typing into the search engine. This enables the search engine to read your data and place your site on the proper list of results. Another thing mentioned was meta tags. These are pieces of data in the HTML code itself, that can’t be seen on the site, but tells the browser what the page is about. So be wise when choosing keywords, they can make or break your sites visibility.

Back Links
This is the most crucial step in getting a high ranking on the search engine. Your site is ranked according to the number of “functioning” links on the web that redirect back to your site. There are a few ways to do this. One is through articles that pertain to your specific service or product. You can create blogs that consist of well written articles about your site. In the article you would include your URL, thus creating a back link. There are also services out there that will do al; this for you, for a fee. For example, I recently spoke with a company called Boost Ability about getting my website on the results list of all popular search engines. They charge from $150 per month to write articles, and create a ton of back links to your site. There are much more companies out there who offer this type of service. One thing to keep in mind is that If you really want to be noticed, you want to be on the very first page of results. Statistics show that most people never look any further than page one when searching online.

These strategies might take practice and time to really understand, but when mastered, produce great results when marketing. In today’s world, almost EVERYTHING is done online. So get with the times, learn your stuff, and become successful!