A Look at Magento eCommerce Software

Magneto Go is a hosted solution of Magento aimed at small businesses and prices range from £9.99 to£79.99 a month. This price generally correlates with how many units you have for sale, with the cheapest catering for 100 units of stock to the more expensive solution catering for 10,000 units. Magento Go comes with no transaction fees and no set-up fees. Support is available through email and live chat 24 hours a day. This is a great place to start, catering for those who want a professional and efficient eCommerce solution at low cost and that can grow with increasing demand.

Magneto Enterprise Edition is for medium to large businesses who need the whole eCommerce solution. As well as the web application, Magneto will help with personalising the shoppers experience, with targeted marketing and merchandising, search engine optimisation, having the ability to produce custom coupons, and send out automated product reminders. You can also easily change the Magento theme if you decide you want a new look. Customers can also create wish lists, be part of a reward points scheme and rate/review products. Other retail experience enhancements include having the ability to have layered navigation and persistent shopping enabled. You also have the ability to deal with multiple payment and shipping options and manage returns easily. On the seller’s side, Magneto Enterprise helps with custom development and mobile commerce, with fully scalable features as your needs grow. Security is taken care of, as well as backups and the ability to roll back to previous deployments.

In summary, Magento is a fully featured eCommerce solution catering for a variety of client needs and requirements. They have proven success as demonstrated by their large client base, and have a number of pricing options, and will be ideal for those who want a reliable platform for selling products on the internet.